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Learn how to do cupping!

Learn how to use the powerful ancient healing techniques of cupping and scraping to use on yourself, friends & family! Cupping and scraping reduce pain & inflammation, increase circulation & increase healing. It’s also good for coughs. Join us for this hands-on class! $25

Space is limited so sign up now!

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to Jul 17

Community Natural Healing Series!

Coming in June at Seaside Acupuncture!

This 4-week hands-on series explains some basics of Asian medicine theories and practices to do on yourself or on friends and family. In this course, you will learn how to find and use acupressure points safely, use herbal medicinal formulas, use cupping, gua-sha/spooning and moxibustion therapies for common everyday health conditions on both yourselves and others.

You may take all 4, or choose the ones you’d like to attend and just pay for those.

The class is limited to 9 people, so sign up early!

 Week 1- Wed. June 19 - 6-8pm: Acupressure $25- sign up now

Acupressure is a way to promote the body’s own healing by using pressure from your hands and/or other tools on specific points and areas on the body. It uses the same points as acupuncture but does not use needles. In this class you will learn the basics of how it works and how to use acupressure to treat conditions such as back pain, headaches, anxiety and low immune system. Use this powerful healing method at home for yourself and the whole family. This is a hands-on workshop.

 Week 2- Wed. June 26 -8pm: Herbal Medicine $25-sign up now

 Herbal remedies have been used for thousands of years and are a natural way to promote healing. Did you know that there are natural alternatives for many conditions without side effects? For example, studies have shown that over the counter medications for cold and flus actually prolong the illness. Those medications are just masking the symptoms whereas herbal formulas are helping your body heal. In this class you will learn how to use Chinese herbal formulas at home to safely address many common conditions for both yourself and your children. In addition to  cold & flu formulas, we will learn about treating digestion, pain and anxiety.

We are skipping Wed. July 3rd for obvious reasons! Happy 4th!

 Week 3-Wed. July 10 , 6-8pm: Cupping & Gua Sha/Spooning $25 sign up now

 Cupping is a powerful, ancient technique that decreases inflammation and pain, increases blood flow and circulation and stimulates the immune system. Cupping is the process of using silicone, plastic or glass jars placed on the skin to create a suction. It is a type of a deep tissue massage that you can do on yourself or others. Find out how much better you can feel with cupping. You may work on yourself and others in the class. If you are sensitive to coconut oil, please bring an alternative for your skin

 Gua Sha or “Spooning” is similar to the practice of cupping but instead of cups, a ceramic spoon or scraping tool is used. Spooning is used to decrease inflammation and pain, and stimulate blood flow, circulation and the immune system. It is especially good for places cups cannot reach -such as the upper neck and arms. You will learn techniques to use on yourself and others. If you are sensitive to coconut oil, please bring an alternative oil for your skin.

We will be doing a combination of both techniques.

Week 4- Wed. July 17 , 6-8pm: Moxibustion $25-sign up now

 For thousands of years Japanese and Chinese people have used Moxibustion to promote healing, reduce pain and inflammation, warm the body and strengthen the immune system. “Moxa” is a cigar-like stick made of the Chinese herb Mugwort. The moxa stick is lit and held above the skin in various areas of the body, like the back and abdomen, for a few minutes. In class, we will use the smokeless moxa stick on ourselves and others. Please note: Smokeless moxa sticks have a slight aroma, so this class may not be a good fit for persons sensitive to smell. 

You may take one or all of them. $25 each, or all 4 for $90. Payment is due the day of the class. All methods of payment accepted. Well, no Bit Coins please.

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