What We Offer


Katharine Stewart, L.Ac is a licensed acupuncturist treating all ages of life. She is successful at treating a wide range of health complaints such as anxiety, low energy, cravings, pain, and more. We have three options of for acupuncture appointments. Spanish speaking clients welcome.


Cupping is a modality of Chinese Medicine that creates a suction with a glass cup against the skin. It is used to decrease inflammation, decrease pain, and relax the muscles. Cupping can also help with lung conditions, digestive complaints, and even anxiety.


Chinese herbal medicine alone or in conjunction with acupuncture offers a great therapeutic to health complaints. We recommend having some basic formulas in your medicine cabinet for use when needed. At Ancient Health and Healing our clients can purchase herbs from us or our online dispensary. We have made it easy by linking symptoms with our favorite products.